Easy Easter Ideas

Easy Easter Ideas | Baubles + Bubbles

This Easter is going to be a bit different. We won’t be with family or friends. We may not be feeling very festive. In an effort to lift my spirits (and hopefully yours), here are some of my favorite Easter DIYs from years past.

Peeps Nest Noodle Cookies

Peep Nest Noodle Cookies - Easy Easter Ideas | Baubles + Bubbles

I used to LOVE noodle cookies. I have not found a celiac safe alternative with the same texture. My brother still enjoys these cookies, so I made him marshmallow Peeps Chicks nests complete with Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Original inspiration + recipe – Chef in Training

Surpise Fruity Pebble Treat Eggs

Fruity Pebble Surprise Egg Treats - Easy Easter Ideas | Baubles + Bubbles

I love marshmallow treats! I found this Surprise Rice Krispie Easter Eggs listing on Simply Designing. How fun! I subbed Fruity Pebbles for the Rice Krispie cereal for a more festive look.

Peeps + Jellybean Floral Arrangement

Peeps Bunny & Jellybean Floral Arrangement DIY - Easy Easter Ideas | Baubles + Bubbles

Adding florals to your space always lifts the mood! Try this easy arrangement from An Affair from the Heart. Pro tip: This arrangement doesn’t travel well. Be careful not to over fill the mason jar at the center. You will end up with a wet mess of jellybeans, as pictured. 🙈

Original inspiration + tutorial – An Affair from the Heart

Cheeto Carrot Treat Bags

Carrot Cheetos Treat Bags - Easy Easter Ideas | Baubles + Bubbles

These are SO easy and fun. You literally just fill a piping page with Cheetos and add a ribbon. These cute little carrots take minutes to put together and will likely be the first thing gone at your Easter celebration.

Bonus – Easy Table Setting

Table Setting - Easy Easter Ideas | Baubles + Bubbles

My parents always create an amazing table setting. My Mom loves using fresh flowers and one consistent color throughout. We added some rope to simple vases, created these floral napkin ring holders from old paper towel rolls and set the table with matching linens + serving ware.

Xo, Madi

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